Improve Your Building's Insulation

A siding installation in Estacada & Clackamas, OR can help

Do the sides of your home or building look faded or damaged? You may have damaged siding. Victor K. Construction LLC provides siding repair and installation services in Estacada & Clackamas, OR. Your siding is more important than you think. It not only gives the outside of your building a clean and polished look, it also increases insulation. If your siding is covered in holes or warped spots, you can depend on us for any siding repair or replacement service.

Learn how the right siding can make your home more energy-efficient by calling 503-898-2134 now.

5 signs your current siding needs to go

Whether you're building a new retail store or remodeling your home, our team can handle your siding installation. Maybe your current siding just isn't up to par. How can you tell when you need a replacement? You can watch out for these signs:

1. Peeling or chipping paint
2. Dry rot decay
3. Warping or rotting
4. Increased energy bills
5. Mildew, fungus or mold

Do you need a new siding installation? Ask a pro from Victor K. Construction in Estacada & Clackamas, OR today.

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